Field Trips

Field Trip 1

Sedimentary, tectonic and magmatic markers of the Phanerozoic rifting on the northern side of the High-Atlas of Marrakech, Morocco.

This field trip is presenting the sedimentary, tectonic and magmatic markers of the Phanerozoic rifting. In addition, the reservoir rocks on the northern side of the High-Atlas of Marrakech, Morocco.

1th December, 2022

Participation Fee:

  • Student: 50 EUR (No shared room)
  • Academic: 100 EUR (No shared room)
  • Professional: 150 EUR (No shared room)

Leaders: El Hassane CHELLAI & Mohamed AQUIT, Faculty of Sciences Semlalia, Marrakech University

The High-Atlas Mountains integral part of the Atlaso-mesetien domain, and is an intracontinental orogeny formed during the (Meso-Cenozoic) convergence phase of the Africa/Europe plates (lithospheric reduction) and to thermal processes (such as the warm of the mantle anomaly). This excursion aims to show sedimentary, tectonic and magmatic aspects associated with the rifting of the Atlas during the Triassic-Jurassic period. The High-Atlas of Marrakech is one of the most representative regions of the magmatism studies during the Precambrian III, carboniferous basins (turbidities), Triassic (alluvial plain, diapir,…) periods in the cartographic, tecono-sedimentary, petroleum angle (reservoir, seal,...), mining point of view.

1th December, 2022 :

  • 08:00 Departure from the conference area
  • Stop 1 Volcanism CAMP, Triassic-Jurassic boundary: Ait-Ourir outcrop
  • Stop 2 Sedimentary rocks and tectonics events along the Ourika Valley
  • Stop 3 Panoramic view showing the Meso-Cenozoic formations at the Taourirt village
  • Stop 4 Tectonic sedimentation along the Ourika-Oukaimeden Valley (Sidi Fares Fault and Oukaimeden Fault).
  • Lunch-break
  • Stop 5 Andesites and pink granites from Precambrian III, general view of the highest peak in North Africa: Toubkal (4167m), University Telescope, Rock engraving (polishing and picketing),…
  • Stop 6 The PIII rhyolite overlapping on the Sedimentary Triassic
  • Stop 7 Triassic F6 formation showing diapiric activity (tectonic salt)
  • Stop 8 Tectonic and Gravitational Sedimentation of the Carboniferous age (Upper Visean)
  • 19:00 back to the Conference area